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1. Buy Locally and tell us all about your Produce preferences

  • Select from a wide variety of organic fruits & vegetables
  • Identify preferred farms
  • Enter delivery preferences: Home, Work, School, others
  • Select additional features:
    -Nutritional Information
    -Juice Corner
    -Education & Awareness
    -Social Media preferences

2. Link with farms near you

  • Select up to 75 supplying farms (and growing) within a 400 mile radius of your work or home
  • Learn about farms and farmers near you via the farmBook feature.
  • Receive information for events, harvests, and food

3. Place your order and let it route to local farms

  • Access to transparent pricing
    -Price details
  • Select minimum order quantities
  • Set reorder cycle times:
    -Order on-demand
    -Set regular reorder cycles (weekly, monthly, etc.)

4. Produce is freshly delivered from the farms you trust!

  • Food delivery is accompanied with a routing report that reflect:
    -Date products were sourced & transported
    -Source Farm and growing practice(s)
    -Nutritional information
    -Recommended storage area(s) and duration(s)
    -Additional preparation, cleaning, presentation tips & tricks
    -Recipes for cooking, juicing and more!
    -Individualized order history, produce consumption charts

Education & Awareness
  • Food travels an average of 1700 miles in a truck before it reaches the local grocery.
  • Opportunities exist to educate customers on healthy and locally grown food options.
  • Increase customer awareness about environmental benefits of sourcing food locally.

  • Recent technology advances enable opportunities for farmers and customers to collaborate, transact and communicate more effectively using smart apps on mobile devices.
  • Accessibility to technology allows for innovation and solutions to existing challenges, e.g. connecting local farmers to customers.

  • Know your farmer, know your food (KYF2) is a term coined to capture the essence of the local food movement.
  • In light of health and nutrition concerns customers are asking for closer relationships with local farmers.
  • Ever expanding social media channels enable people to better connect with their local farm community.

Triple Bottom line
  • Sustaining the integrity between social, environmental, and economic principles is key to enabling change.
  • The model promotes awareness, fosters relationships, and makes it easy for the customer to make the “Local Choice”. is a new concept with the aim to link customers with local farms.
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The local food movement presents opportunities for the local farmer to provide healthy choices forthe household customer.At SKC,we believe in leveraging technology to
-Link the farmer to the household customer
-Raise the customers’ awareness and education levels
-Enable triple bottom lineresults

Farmer Profiles

My name is Andrew Marchese and I work at Double Brook Farm in Hopewell NJ.  I live on the farm with my wife and two dogs. I grow over 70 types of vegetables in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.  We are in the process of becoming certified organic and follow all the same rules and regulations as any Organic farmer in any part of the country.I farm because I love being outside and working with my hands.  I have spent 12 years growing vegetables and am convinced we are on the cusp of a major change in consumer awareness, attitude and priorities.  I think the confluence of young, enthusiastic farmers coming onto the scene and the increasing concern on the part of the end consumer about the food choices they make will lead to a sea change in the way agriculture is performed and viewed in this country.

Customer Profiles

When we recently bought our first ‘super’ blender we realized we’d be consuming many raw vegetables and fruits. As we searched for local sourcing options, we weren’t satisfied and soon found others shared similar challenges. Hence the concept of was born. I order regularly from our supplying farmers and have it delivered directly to my home or work location. My family now enjoys organic produce, locally sourced and conveniently delivered. The most ancient industry of our world is in dire need of transformation and that is why I believe in the concept of