Is farm.ly a word?

It should be. Become a member of a free social broadcasting platform, designed specifically for Farmers, Agri-Businesses, & their loyal customers.



Create your own farmly and sync with facebook to connect with existing and new consumers!


Get discovered by people around you and turn them into your local & loyal consumers!


Leverage farmly's features to interact with consumers around you!


Grow your business by broadcasting products, pricing, promotions, events, forums and polls to those who follow you!

How it works

Farm.ly presents opportunities for farmers and agri-businesses to connect with their customers while providing additional market opportunities.

We are helping to bridge the gap with today's technology and the world's most ancient industry, agriculture.

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Just like a friends list, Follow shows you a list of Farmlys that you are following.

From this menu, you can access Farmlys that you are a member of to have access to their broadcasts, polls, events, and general news feed.

Farmlys with an open lock next to the name are public profiles and those with closed locks are private profiles that you are awaiting approval from.

My Profile

This is where you create your user information to be stored in the backend for support purposes.

You can also connect your profile with Facebook to have your Farmlys stream updates from your FB account.

"Help" will allow you to go through the tutorial to become more familiar with the application.

"Settings" allows you to change the app's splash page that you see when you start the application.

"Logout" is of course, where you can logout of your profile.

Facebook Connect

After pressing the Facebook button, you will be given the option to login using your Facebook info.

After login, just select "OK" to authorize and you're connected.


Broadcast is where the fun begins.

Click "Add" to create a new Farmly.

Click "Refresh" to refresh your list of Farmlys to see newly added content.

Click on any of your created Farmlys to edit information, make posts/announcements, and check for responses and new members.

Broadcast Features

Broadcast products, pricing, promotions, and events to existing and new customers!

"Announce" allows you to create new announcements and view past posts.

Choosing "Members" will let the user see approved members (Approved), potential members seeking approval (Requested), and invited users who have yet to respond to the invitation (Invited).

"Events" is where you can view event postings past, present, and future.

"Forum" is where you can check on active discussions and also check requested forum topics.

"Polls", let you create a new poll or monitor results from past and present polls.


Farmer Profiles

My name is Andrew Marchese and I work at Double Brook Farm in Hopewell NJ. I live on the farm with my wife and two dogs. I grow over 70 types of vegetables in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. We are in the process of becoming certified organic and follow all the same rules and regulations as any Organic farmer in any part of the country.I farm because I love being outside and working with my hands. I have spent 12 years growing vegetables and am convinced we are on the cusp of a major change in consumer awareness, attitude and priorities. I think the confluence of young, enthusiastic farmers coming onto the scene and the increasing concern on the part of the end consumer about the food choices they make will lead to a sea change in the way agriculture is performed and viewed in this country.

Customer Profiles

Our family has made a conscious effort to eat as healthy as possible. We also absolutely look to support local business as much as we can. We feel this is not only great for the community but the environment as well. We’re a strong believer in eating as close to the source so the idea of being able to get food delivered to us directly from Farms is perfect. We support local farming, we get great tasting fresh food and it feels great

Our Team

Alex Cardona

Co-Founder / Chief Experience Officer

Gaurav Kohli

Co-Founder / Product Innovation

Karan Checker

Development Lead

James Spurgeon

Honorary Intern / Testing Lead

Danna Hargett

Customer Service

Savraj Singh

Strategic Technology Advisor