About Us

About Us

farm.ly was started by 3 entrepreneurs with backgrounds in systems integration and management consulting for fortune 500 companies.
After more than 30 years of combined experience in the technology sector SKC Group was formed with a BIG vision:
Bring farms back in support of regional food systems.
Improve Nutrition.
Grow Healthy.
In order to support this ambitious goal we focused on what we do best, we Build technology; we Integrate it with Farmers & Agri-Businesses and we foster its Growth. From our travels in Africa to the MidWest USA to right here in Princeton, NJ we have been working tirelessly with farmers and agri-businesses to understand their challenges today while also welcoming a bright future for our children’s children. farm.ly is the world’s first “Ag-Social” Broadcasting Platform, free for all to enjoy its benefits.


farm.ly was built with the following principles:

1. Enable consumers to make the “local choice"
2. Link farmers to household consumers in support of regional food systems
3. Raise consumer awareness of local farmers & agri-businesses in their communities
4. Enable farmers & agri-businesses to broadcast their products, pricing, promotions, events to their existing customers
5. Enable farmers & agri-businesses to gain access to additional markets enabled by technology

SKC Group

SKC Group stands for Gundeep Singh, Gaurav Kohli, and Alex Cardona – We build technology platforms to support our BIG vision. Our commercialized products include: farm.ly, farmbrain and grainschain.Read More